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Experience the transformative impact of joining The Grove, a collection of individuals deeply committed to Rooted Wisdom Africa’s mission and programs. Beyond its literal definition as a group of trees, The Grove embodies a sanctuary of support and rejuvenation, mirroring trees’ vital role in Uganda’s agricultural landscape.

Picture the hardworking farmers toiling under the relentless African sun, finding solace and sustenance beneath the cooling canopy of a grove. In that shaded refuge, they see physical respite, nourishment for their spirits, and replenishment for their weary bodies—a true investment in their well-being.

By becoming a member of The Grove, you’re extending that same nurturing embrace to the people of Uganda and revitalizing Rooted Wisdom Africa’s mission through volunteerism and generosity.

Ways To Get Involved

There are various ways to plant the seed of change through our organization. Through our programs, you are sure to find the right fit for you.


Grove Allies are the organization’s unsung heroes and are deeply invested in the organization’s work and programs.  The group meets quarterly, with most of the work happening between meetings.  Members of this group are go-getters—volunteering at a local event, connecting their networks to the mission of Rooted Wisdom Africa, hosting educational and outreach events, and supporting project-based volunteerism to help further the work and mission of Rooted Wisdom Africa.


Grove Advocates are the backbone of our organization. Their monthly giving allows us to pivot our funding where our communities need us. A staff member or advisor will share an organizational or programming need at the beginning of a new quarter. At the end of each quarter, we’ll share your impact. It’s as simple as that. Regardless of the quarter’s focus, your generosity will always be directed to supporting Rooted Wisdom Africa’s mission and the people we support. This doesn’t require much time but significantly impacts helping people live their best lives.


Rooted Wisdom Africa partners with elementary schools to allow students to learn about Uganda and its people through the lens of generosity and global citizenship. Over four weeks, students engage in group and individual lessons and a weekly take-home assignment to continue learning and exploring critical concepts taught in the classroom. If you would like to introduce the Grove Explorers program at your school or volunteer as a Grove Explorer teacher, please contact us at


Tuesday, November 4th- Friday, November 14th, 2025

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Uganda on one of our immersive Insight Trips. As a part of the agenda, you’ll participate in Life Skills classes at our secondary schools, learn a vocational skill from women in our Women’s Enterprise Training Program, visit our vocational training schools and farmer field schools, and meet some of our families at their homes. The Insight Trip package is priced at $1,800 per person and includes all accommodations upon arrival in Uganda. Additional activities such as safaris, necessary vaccinations, and airfare are excluded.

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