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Our Vision

Creating Tomorrow: Unveiling the Future of
Community Development

Imagine a vibrant community hub—a bustling market showcasing local entrepreneurs’ goods alongside lush community gardens. Visualize vocational classrooms buzzing with the sounds of skills being honed, from mechanics to tailoring to brickmaking. Envision a future coffee shop and playground, where stories are shared, friendships forged, and chess matches played.

This dynamic space isn’t just a vision; it’s our commitment to fostering learning and growth. It will host business classes, educational programs, and vocational training. With dedicated classrooms and open areas, it will serve as a hub for knowledge sharing and community building, welcoming all.

By empowering individuals with skills and knowledge, we’re igniting brighter futures for families and communities. Adjacent coffee trees will sustain our operations, ensuring a lasting impact.

This hub isn’t just a place—it’s a sanctuary where dreams flourish and strengths are cultivated. Together, we’re co-creating a brighter tomorrow for over 10,000 Ugandans, one community at a time.

Upon proving the success of this model, we will expand its implementation to other regions, maximizing its impact and benefits and ultimately transitioning all operations to the local community.

  • Phase One: Establish infrastructure, facilities, and initial programs. The anticipated cost is $117,000. Funding secured: $42,400 (36%)
  • Phase Two: Expand facilities, equipment, and programs for lasting impact. The anticipated cost is $75,000.

In a world filled with hunger where too many do not have enough food on the table each day – let alone healthy options like salad greens. Our future includes creating local pathways to sustainable livelihoods, increased food security, nutrition, and health. 

In 2023 and beyond, we’re going BIGGER and dreaming wider as we assess what is possible.

This vision includes:

  • Reducing unemployment rates, student dropouts, and childhood marriages by graduating 922 students through secondary school and vocational college
  • Raising individual income levels by 40.5% through 2,576 new students, families, and female-owned businesses.
  • Expanding the Life Skills program into a third secondary school.
  • Building an Rooted Wisdom community center and demonstration farm.

We envision creating a space where people can gather, learn, grow and sell. Where the most marginalized populations have a safe place to go and an area to call their own.

Reaching our goal to reach over 5,000 Ugandans before 2027 and help transforming this region into an independent, educated, economically self-sufficient, and sustainable community, so that we’ll soon be able to say, “Our work is done, onto the next village!”

How We’ll Get There:

To help facilitate our scaling and impact, we developed an in-depth five-year strategic plan. Our current organizational targets include raising a total of $1,375,000 through:
  • Strengthening and growing our individual network through enhanced communication plans, partnership with women’s engagement groups, community service organizations and younger audiences.
  • Strategically diversifying our US Board to expand our in-house skills-based competencies.
  • Expanding our revenue-earning opportunities to include youth clubs and US-based school.
  • Implementing ‘Coffee Kiosks,’ to build awareness and relationships for peer-pairing, event sponsorships, payroll giving, and volunteerism).