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Locally Owned, Locally Led

Locally Owned, Locally Led

Rooted Wisdom Africa leverages local resources at every level from human resources to locally-sourced supplies to promote local ownership over programs that ensure sustainable community development: IYHA hires local staff and facilitators, uses local venues (e.g., schools and trade centers) for workshops and events, partners with local farmers, purchases seedlings or livestock from surrounding areas, collaborates with graduates who create sanitary pads for our female secondary school students and snacks for workshops, and hires local transportation for all activities. IYHA incorporates in-kind donations (e.g., livestock, trainings, etc.) from our participants and graduates, and, once our participants have graduated and have demonstrable success, we hire them as guest speakers, program facilitators and demonstration farmers. Finally, we also have a Ugandan Board of Advisors and several leadership councils and local committees to leverage local expertise and ensure that our programs are informed and governed by a body with a deep understanding of the local context and the needs of our partner communities.

Rooted In Community

Our long-term vision for the future is a new generation of Ugandan leaders who are educated, trained and empowered to meet and overcome the extreme challenges of life in rural Uganda.

Success and sustainability come from working with communities to develop and support local leaders.

While many organizations depend on an influx of foreign workers and investment, we know that communities want to create value and improve their own circumstances – we help them start that journey.


Rooted in Empowerment

With a growing population and much of its economy centered around an agrarian model. Rooted Wisdom believes with the right tools to put down stong, solid roots we can make an impact this includes: