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Education Officer

Meet Our Education Manager

Women smilingAs Rooted Wisdom’s Education Officer, Stella is responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring all educational programs, including the Life Skills program and College Education Training program.  In keeping with Rooted Wisdom’s guidelines, Stella oversees the ethical compliance of all educational activities, including confidentiality between schools, parents, communities, and students. Stella is a seasoned educator with experience working in NGOs and a strong background in program development and management, training, and facilitation. In addition, she has formerly held positions including capacity building specialist, wherein Stella worked with staff, faculty, and student bodies to provide training and professional development in life skills, vocational education, and teacher training. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her passion for raising communities to higher levels of performance, increasing their skills, and challenging them to build a stable and profitable environment. Stella is also fully trained in emotion and behavior development theory and the Prosocial process for team self-governance, a Nobel prize-winning model for building healthy, engaged, and high-performance teams. Stella has been working with Rooted Wisdom for the past since 2017.